2022-23 Competition Information

This page will be where you can find all important competition information. 

Competition Requirements:

Competition classes start in the summer. The summer competition classes are required for all dancers wanting to join competition. At this point, dancers interested in competition would be eligible for our 2022-23 season.  Dancers are required to dance with DDS's recreational classes for one season before joining the competition teams. Exceptions will be made if a private lesson is scheduled and the dancer gets an okay by owner. 

If you have any other questions about additional costs and other time commitment, please email Madeline at diamonddancemn@gmail.com

Competition Solo/Duet/Trio Requirements:

Students wanting to participate in a solo/duet/trio for the 2022-2023 season need to participate in the competition summer classes. Dancers are required to compete in a group in order to audition for a solo/duet/trio.